Does Homeopathic HCG Work?

A lot of people know that after doing the HCG diet, that I recommend using a special kind of homeopathic HCG.

But I ALWAYS get the question, “Does homeopathic HCG work?” or “Do the oral HCG drops work?”

And people usually ask this question because they’ve heard or read on the internet that it doesn’t work and it’s some sort of “scam”.

Well I’m not going to tell you there aren’t scams out there (because there most certainly is) but if you get your homeopathic HCG from the right place, it works and is a lot safer and cheaper to do than the HCG injections. They avoid many hcg diet dangers out there from injections.

One of the biggest reasons why there is so much misinformation out there on homeopathic HCG is because a lies perpetuated by HCG sellers.

For example I know of plenty of companies selling injections and sublingual HCG and they scream at the top of their lungs on their sites and on YouTube that homeopathic HCG is a scam. And the reason they do this is because they are losing money because they can no longer sell their expensive products when a cheaper and more effective method like Homeopathic HCG comes onto the scene.

I’m sure some of them are genuine and they really do think it’s a scam, but they’ve never tested it themselves or based their opinions on facts.

The second major reason some people think it’s a scam is because there are some scams out there. So if one business claims they are selling homeopathic HCG but they are really selling just some water in a bottle, they are going to get a lot of complaints and the whole homeopathic HCG community gets a black-eye.

It’s unfortunate that there are scammers out there but as long as you go with a great company that has a track record of success, has a guarantee and also a great product that will get you results, you can use homeopathic HCG with great success.

Now I have nothing to sell you on this site but I do get a ton of emails everyday asking me whom I recommend. And I recommend the same company I got my supplies from and I’ve sent many people to work with them and I’ve never heard any complaints. The company is Pure HCG Diet and you can view their site here:

I only make that recommendation because I don’t want others to be scammed and it’s best to work with a company that others have had success with.

So yes, it does work if you get the good stuff. Avoid the cheap products out there and go with a company that’s been around for awhile.