Easy to Follow Weight Loss Tips with HCG Diet

Here are some weight loss tips that are very easy to follow, thanks to the new hCG diet protocol. Weight reduction, as most of us might have experienced, is usually very difficult and challenging. It’s not that easy to follow a strict diet and do rigorous exercise at the same time. Human as we are, we always experience sudden urges to binge and be lazy. However, a lot of people have expressed their relief with the development of the new hCG diet drops technology, which provides an easy to follow procedure for weight loss.

The hCG diet protocol, as popularized by American author Kevin Trudeau, starts off with a detoxifying stage. This one’s done relatively easily, simply by drinking lots of water daily (at least 2 liters) and having daily morning walks to help improve the removal of wastes and toxins from your body. The purpose of this stage is to prepare your mind and your body for the upcoming dieting stage. After a month or so with the preparatory stage is the actual dieting phase.

Second phase of the hCG diet plan begins with a two-day period of taking in large amounts of calories in the body. This phase basically helps to jump start your metabolism (which may have slowed down during the detox phase) and to temporarily allow you to eat whatever you want before actually going into the diet. So after the binge is the strict 500-calorie a day diet to be coupled with the low-level dose of hCG. It is highly recommended that you take hCG in the form of drops to eliminate the risk of pains and infections.

An ultra-low-calorie diet may be quite difficult during the first few days, but later on you will realize that the body is actually getting the needed energy by burning the calorie from your fat deposits. This is the secret to the hCG diet’s effectiveness in making people lose weight fast and effectively.

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I am on the pill will the hcg counter act the pill I do not want to get pregnat



An oral solution won’t, not sure about injections. Just get a good oral product, and take your birth control as directed.


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