Is The FDA Going To Ban the HCG Diet?

UPDATE (12-6-2011): It seems today the FDA sent warning letters to 7 HCG companies telling them to stop selling their product. It seems they got in trouble because they were making outlandish claims but the FDA is trying to make this easy and is just going to ban all HCG OTC products. Not really fair but it is what it is. Just goes to show you that one bad apple spoils the bunch. So a couple bad companies who exaggerated claims is getting over the counter HCG pulled from the market. Too bad. It’s time to stock up before your favorite supplier is all out, if they aren’t already! I have a lot of thoughts on this and will be making a post soon. If people just realized that HCG is only for appetite suppressant and to target the right kind of fat we wouldn’t be in this mess. Sad.

I’ve gotten quite a few comments and emails lately from people asking about the FDA and a possible ban on the HCG diet.

This all stemmed from one article in a newspaper who asked the head person at the FDA what they thought about the HCG diet. And she stated that HCG hasn’t been shown effective at making people lose weight. And of course, everyone freaked out.

But listen to what she said, “HCG hasn’t been shown to make you lose weight” (I’m paraphrasing but that’s in essence what she said). So HCG doesn’t make you lose weight?!



HCG is used for just 2 things, to help cut down on hunger while on the low calorie diet, and to target your stored fat so you burn that instead of muscle. That’s it. But it’s the low calorie diet that makes you lose the weight and activates the HCG. But you must do the HCG and the low calorie diet together. Trying to do one without the other will lead to failure.

This also brings up another issue I hear people say and that is “Well people lose weight on this diet because it’s so low calorie, not because of the HCG.” Then they blow the whole diet off because of this thought. But again, you are right, the low calorie diet does the work, BUT YOU MUST HAVE BOTH.

So when people say “HCG doesn’t make you lose weight” you can just reply, “Of course not, it’s not supposed to and it never was supposed to.” It’s the diet as a whole that makes you lose weight.

You need the HCG to help with hunger and to target your fat storage during the low calorie diet. That’s why you will fail if you take just HCG and don’t do the diet, and you will also fail if you try to do the low calorie diet and don’t take the HCG. You’ll be too hungry and you will be burning muscle.

So when you hear these statements just realize that they are clueless about the diet as a whole and haven’t done their research.

Now about the whole FDA and the HCG diet. No, the FDA isn’t going to ban the HCG diet. They can’t really because the FDA doesn’t regulate diets. Never have and never will (let’s hope anyway). They are concerned with the health and well being of people and the type of food and medicine you take. And since HCG is fine to take then they can’t ban it, and they shouldn’t. This diet is changing so many lives. There was also a comment about the oral drops made by the FDA. But again, no research was done and it was just a comment, probably taken out of context by the interviewer, who by the way has a looong history of trying to destroy the HCG diet, mainly because they are trying to sell a competing diet! It’s so sad that more people don’t realize this.

Whenever you see a negative story about a diet that works, think about why. Hmm, maybe because the TV channel they are on gets all their money from big drug companies who can’t patent HCG and they want to sell their competing, expensive diet drugs. Or it’s someone else who has another product or book they want to sell and they don’t want you doing this diet. Or it’s just a news reporter looking for a juicy story to get ratings so people will watch when they say, “The next dangerous diet you shouldn’t do! Tonight at 10!” So ignore all those people talking about HCG diet dangers or spouting scary “facts” when they can’t even understand the diet or do any research.

It works and works well if you do it right. And that’s the key, do your research and do it right, you won’t regret it! Let me know what you think in the comments.