HCG Side Effects In Men?

I get a lot of emails asking if there are any HCG side effects in men.

And to answer them it’s not much different from any potential side effects from women.

I think the question comes up though because HCG is seen as a female type hormone and they often ask if it’s going to make them less manly, or even one time I was asked if it was going to give him “man-boobs”.

Let me start off by saying no, it will not give you man-boobs or turn you into a woman.

In fact HCG is often given to young males who are having a hard time with puberty, and HCG can jumpstart the process.

But anyway, does the HCG diet have any negative effects for men?

Well besides your typical HCG diet dangers that I’ve talked about like mild headaches the first few days from detoxing, and the occasional leg cramp (which can be fixed with a simple potassium supplement), there isn’t anything left to discuss about specific dangers to men.

Men and women tend to react the same way to the diet except for one major difference, men tend to lose a lot more and a lot more quickly!

It’s just a fact of nature that on any diet or exercise program men will tend to do better if they are following the same guidelines. This is just the difference of how men and women’s biology differ.

If you’ve ever watch the TV show Biggest Loser you know the heavy men lost a lot quicker than any of the women in most cases. Especially overall, they lose a lot more weight and typically have an easier time. That’s not to say women don’t do well, because they certainly do, but if you are a woman on the diet don’t compare your results with a man’s because it’s not fair from the get-go.

So men, if you are thinking about doing the HCG diet you really don’t have to worry about anything from a side effect standpoint. Especially if you use a good oral product that has been shown to be safer than the injections and my preferred method.

So if you have weight to lose the best thing to do is to get started. The sooner you get going the sooner you’ll get the results you’re looking for. The more you delay the more likely you’ll be caught up into daily life and never get started. So get going now while you’re thinking about it. Within a couple short days on the diet you’ll see amazing results and you’ll be so glad you got started.

Leave me any comments below if you have questions.

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I am epileptic and I was wondering if there were any side effects with the use of HCG.



I’d ask your doc about diet’s and if they effect your condition. I know several epileptics who have done the diet but everyone is a little different. So ask about low calorie diets. In fact take them the exact diet and ask. Try and find a weight loss expert diet as most docs are totally clueless and tend to give very poor advice.


Shane Handy

I have been taking the hcg injections for about 3 weeks and have experienced mood swings and anger, could this be related to the shots? Please advise! Thanks



Not the HCG but the change in the diet. Do you usually use food for comfort? If so then making a drastic change like this can take a little getting use to. Hang in there, you’ll adjust.


Timothy Miller

Wow not many comments from men. I’m a obese diabetic. And need to loose 110 lbs. Sooner the better. Considering the drops. I did not even see any comments in the woman’s section about diabetes. I’m desperate. There is a doctor close by that has a HCG program. However they want $325.00 to start. I don’t have it. However I do have 100-150.00. Would you suggest the drops for me. Respectfully Tim



There’s lots of men on the diet plan, they just don’t post a lot. Women tend to be more vocal. Also, men do so much better on the diet and don’t have many issues. Another reason why you don’t see a lot of comments. But yes, don’t use that local doctor, that’s way more than you need to spend. Use a good online provider. Don’t go cheap though as you’ll just be wasting your money. The folks I use have great online support and can help you. Or just look around and see who you like. I posted who I use on the main page of this site.


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