Is The HCG Diet Safe?

If you’ve been reading the other posts on this blog you know my opionion of the HCG diet already. In fact if you haven’t yet then read this: HCG Diet Dangers

But if you have read it all and how to do the HCG diet safely then let’s compare the HCG diet with other forms of weight loss and see which is safer and/or more effective.

So I won’t even go into all the diet pills that are out there in great detail but let’s cover them broadly. First most of them work by speeding your heart rate up, making you burn more calories. This is extremely dangerous for someone who probably already has blood pressure and heart conditions due to the extra weight. So that makes them dangerous. Of course they do work in some cases but the effects aren’t all that great.

The next one that seems to be extremely popular out there is the whole Weight Watchers thing. You count the points that are assigned to each thing you are eating and you stay within the allowed amount of points. This is safe and there’s not much danger to that. BUT from what I’ve seen the weight loss is so minimal that it actually is dangerous because the participants are staying overweight longer. And the longer you are overweight, the more unhealthy (i.e. unsafe and dangerous) it is. For example I knew one couple on WW and there goal was to lose 1 pound a week. A WEEK! So to lose over a hundred pounds that would take you over 2 years, that’s not exactly safe or practical.

The next segment are the surgeries like the lap-band and other stomach stapling like procedures. Well they are effective even though I do know some people who even that has failed them but for the most part effective. The problems though are numerous! First off the surgery is life threatening. Yes, people die getting just the surgery done! Secondly, it’s incredibly invasive and you are altering your insides, that’s dangerous no matter what you tell me. And lastly it’s not like you can undo these procedures easily if you have complications. You can’t just wake up tomorrow and “stop” your stomach stapling and that’s a major problem. Not to mention the cost of these procedures!

Now let’s compare that with the HCG diet (if done correctly of course!).

First off, you are eating healthy food. This isn’t like the Atkins diet where you are eating just meats and high fatty foods. This is eating really good foods that are good for you. Like protein, vegetables, fruits and yes, even carbs! So you are well rounded in your diet.

Next, the weight loss is quick. If you are unhealthy you can get healthy extremely quick. Don’t listen to anyone who says you have to lose weight slowly! If you change the way you eat you will lose weight quickly because being fat is HARD to maintain. Yup, it’s hard to stay fat. You have to constantly keep eating and eat the wrong foods. On the HCG diet you don’t eat those kind of foods so the fat just melts away.

Also, the HCG is a naturally occurring substance that’s in your body already. It doesn’t increase your heart rate and does nothing but help with your hunger and target the right kind of fat to lose. There are no lasting side effects and it’s been proven safe for over 60 years. Hard to beat that!

It’s also something that you can pause, if you have something come up like being sick or you have a family emergency you can stop immediately, it’s extremely flexible.

I could go on and on for several more pages but you get the idea. As long as you are doing the HCG diet the right way and with the right product, it’s probably the safest and most effective diet out there, hands-down.

So if you decide it’s for you I suggest reading this and getting started right away: HCG Diet Dangers