Keys to a Safe Weight Loss

People who are trying to lose pounds just within a couple of days are not practicing safe weight loss procedures. Most people would usually do this for big events like a wedding or a vacation, experiencing an initial, motivating burst for weight reduction. However, when it comes to real quick weight loss procedures, most people commit mistakes of doing it wrong. In the end, these people usually end up damaging their bodies. Very quick weight loss isn’t a safe weight loss procedure at all.

And among other things, before you might want to try any of the diet programs accessible in the internet, you should at least consult your physician first. Our doctors are the ones who know best about how our body would react to certain procedures, hormones, or surgeries that we might want to have. They will offer you the best solution to your weight problems, and that is without abandoning the code of safety. Each of us is a unique individual, so different diets may work for us.

Except probably one of the most recommended diets by most physicians will be the hCG diet drops program. Some of you might have already heard about this, but for some this might be a new thing. The use of hCG hormones, properly know as the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, was first discovered by Dr. ATW Simeons. These hormones seem to be very amazing with regards to making overweight people lose weight. It works by tricking the brain into consuming more of the fatty deposits in the body for energy consumption. As a result, you don’t have to do any rigorous form of exercise to shed off the unwanted fats from your body.

It’s very safe and effective, especially with the development of the homeopathic hCG sublingual drops. Most of the successful dieters would attest for not having experienced any negative effects from the program. So go and visit your physician now, to see for yourself how this amazing diet works for a safe weight loss.

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Hello this is my third day of using the HCG drops and I feel good about doing it and I am following the plan and have a friend of mine who has lost 30 lbs so far, so that makes me excited. When I started I was 195 on Sunday, I weigh myself daily and this moring I’m at 187 lbs. I feel hungry in the afternoon, but I eat my fruit which was a bowl of strawberries. Today, is my wedding anniversary and believe me I am tempted to eat cake, but when I think of the weight I want to lose and the weight I am losing so far the urge leaves, plus all the encouragement I hear about this protocol. I am looking forward to the daily progress that I will make. Thanks.



Great job Hope! Thank you for sharing your progress. And you are a strong willed person, that will help ; ) Keep going and please let us all know how it turns out.



Hi, another question–if for any reason one gets off this diet–when you go back on, do you do the 2 days of eating all you want or is being off it for awhile enough, if that time frame is 3 days?



So you’ve been off for 3 days? Then no, no need to load again. But you shouldn’t be going off and on like that. Make sure you go over the protocol and know how to do maintenance and completing a round correctly.


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