Plateaus On The HCG Diet And What To Do About It

When you do a round on the HCG diet you might go what’s called a “plateau” or a “stall”. It’s where you stop losing weight for a couple days.

Most people when they experience this after they’ve been steadily losing for weeks tend to freak out a bit. They wonder if they are done losing weight, if they did something wrong, or they try to find ANYTHING to blame it on.

But the fact of the matter is that a plateau and a stall are completely normal and just part of the process.

Your body is constantly fluctuating and changing and some days you just won’t lose as much and there may be some days where you stall for awhile. So when and if it happens to you, just keep doing what you should be doing and don’t worry too much about it.

Several reasons for a plateau can include not eating a variety of meals on the diet, stress, a menstrual cycle, cheating or a mistake on the food, reaching a weight you’ve been at in the past for a long time, or it’s just for no reason at all.

But some potential ways to break of a stall and to get back to losing are as follow:

1. Get out and be a little more active. If you aren’t walking on a regular basis, start. A little extra exercise can jump-start you back to losing weight. Don’t do too much though as you don’ have enough calories to sustain a rigorous workout.

2. Do an apple day. This is found in Dr. Simeons original guide and is used to break a plateau.

3. Try new meals and recipes to break up the routine and keep your body guessing. This can have a huge impact.

4. Try a laxative if you haven’t had a bowel movement in several days. This can do a lot if this is the reason for a stall.

5. Just relax and keep on doing what you should be doing. This is probably the best tip of all. As long as you are following the diet correctly, it will come off eventually. Keep in mind though that if you are cheating or not following the diet 100% then you may never go back to losing. So stick to the diet at all costs.

So there are some tips to get you back on track. But in the end just realize that everyone stalls at some point and you just need to break through it by keeping on the diet as normal.

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