Top 3 Dangerous Behaviors During The HCG Diet

OK, I’ve been working with people who are on the HCG diet for a long time now. And I’ve noticed a few dangerous behaviors while on the diet.

This isn’t so much dangers to your health but more dangerous to your weight loss. If you are looking for more of the health side then read this article here: HCG Diet Dangers

So let’s begin.

The first behavior I notice that some people get into is the one of “counting calories”. It’s true that the HCG diet is roughly 500 calories a day. But that means NOTHING!

You don’t count calories while on the diet, you follow a list of specific foods you eat in certain quantities. And you measure your food by weighing it or using typical measuring tools like cups or tablespoons.

But some people try and make it more complicated. They say things like “well if I skip my chicken for dinner that leaves me an extra 125 calories, so can I add in some chili which only has 50 calories and then have a dinner roll which has only 60 calories, because then I’m even eating fewer calories!?”

Listen to me carefully…NO!

It’s not about counting calories, it’s not about swapping this for that and making “deals”. The diet is proven and has worked for thousands of people, but you must stick to the guidelines. So don’t try to switch food out or add extra things by counting calories. Counting calories is a bore and not effective so just stick to the plan.

The second behavior I notice is that people try to do too much by adding in exercise. And exercise is NOT needed while on this diet. In fact you really shouldn’t be doing it at all because of the low calorie diet you are on. You simply don’t have enough calories to expend by working out.

Of course you can walk and that’s highly recommended and helpful but don’t overdo it. You don’t need to exercise while on the diet. Just stick to the plan and exercise as soon as you hit the maintenance phase.

The third dangerous behavior while on the HCG diet is not recognizing your success.

This is a biggie!

I know clients who have lost 30+ pounds in less than 30 day, but if they have one or two bad days they are about ready to give up or they freak out and try to make changes to the diet.

Don’t do that!

The weight loss will fluctuate and our bodies are not machines. Our bodies are constantly changing and some variation is to be expected. Especially for us women, our weight loss is far more inconsistent than men. But just stick to the program and you’ll do fine.

It’s about taking these small steps everyday and soon you’ll look back and wonder how you lost 50 pounds.

So those are my top 3 dangerous behaviors while on the HCG diet. I could add more but that’s enough for now.

Leave your comments below for your own ideas!