Why Hair Loss Shouldn’t Be A Worry While On The HCG Diet

Ever since I began writing this blog I’ve been getting thousands of questions about the diet.

One question that keeps coming up though that I want to address is is it possible to start losing your hair while on the HCG diet?

Well let’s take a look.

First off, yes it’s possible, but EXTREMELY unlikely.

Hair loss is from a lack of protein while on the diet and it can happen. But don’t worry, let me tell you why you shouldn’t worry about it.

First off like I said earlier it’s extremely rare.

Second, even if it did happen, the second you got back to a regular diet it would stop and what little hair came out it would grow back.

And third, if it did happen during the diet you could just take a simple protein supplement and it would solve the problem right away.

So not only is it extremely rare, it’s easily fixable and totally reversible.

So there’s not really anything to worry about. It’s like one of those myths and worries people have that just won’t go away no matter how ludicrous or illogical it is.

In working with dieter’s I have seen a lot of this type of behavior and it seems that people are looking for small excuses to invalidate a whole diet. It’s almost as if they don’t want to lose weight when it comes right down to it.

And that’s a normal response that humans in general have, no matter what our condition is, we are comfortable and leaving that comfort zone can be tough. This leaves us searching for reasons NOT to take action when instead we should be searching out all the reasons to take action and to motivate ourselves toward our goal.

If instead of wasting so much time worrying about everything and you just started the diet, you would see results in the first couple days and be well on your way to getting thin.

Not to say that I didn’t have the same behavior when I stated or that I’m perfect but I have seen the results of the diet and you just shouldn’t be so worried about any HCG diet dangers or side effects.

Can you imagine what the dangers and side effects are of being overweight? It’s shocking how many health issues come up with just a little bit of extra weight. This is probably why when people lose all the weight they suddenly feel great and their doctor’s take them off almost all their medications. On a side note you should be looking for a solution to your health issues instead of a band-aid to cover them up. That’s the problem with modern medicine today, they give you pills to treat symptoms of an issue to make you comfortable instead of just solving the issue and getting rid of it.

So no, don’t be worried about hair loss while on the diet. It’s an issue distracting you from taking action and now you know what to do.

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