Why Some Doctors Cannot Be Trusted

I recently was talking with someone who was considering the HCG diet and I was so shocked by what she told me I had to do a post on it.

She has 100+ pounds to lose and has many health issues associated with the extra weight. This is very common and I’ve seen it a million times.

The HCG diet could help her and she could lose all of the weight that is causing all these health issues.

However, she went to her doctor and asked him about the diet and what he thought.
What he said shocked me and made me extremely angry.

He said he would not recommend the diet because of vague and undefined hcg diet dangers. And then he recommended lap band surgery. LAP BAND SURGERY?!

She even asked him if he had experience with the HCG diet and of course, he did not. Just second hand information that was probably all wrong. But here he is recommending a LIFE THREATENING SURGERY.

This is completely insane. You should explore every single diet plan until you even consider any kind of surgery. People die all the time from the surgery. Not to mention afterwards from complications.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but do you think this doctor made his recommendation based on his wallet? Let’s see, for the HCG diet he gets nothing. In fact his patient will get healthier and will come in to him far less, so in fact he loses money on recommending the HCG diet. But with lap band he gets money for the surgery, the hospital stay with fees, the increased doctor visits, medication, etc. I checked and just the surgery alone is over $16,000.

So I think that’s an easy choice for a doctor, lose money, or recommend a surgery and make $20,000+ and have a patient for life. I’m not saying this doctor did that intentionally but that HAD to influence his decision at least subconsciously. Money is a big motivator for our decisions.

Can you see why there is a conflict of interest here? This client could lose ALL of her weight for probably under $1,000 for all of her HCG rounds, in fact she would probably save money and it would be free when you consider how much she would save on food. And it’s safe and effective. But now she in considering a life threatening surgery because of one idiotic and crooked doctor. So sad.

Make sure if you are seeing a doctor that they are experts and know how the HCG diet works. And be very wary when they suggest expensive, life threatening surgeries.

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He said that b/c he’ll get PAID with Lapband surgery. I too have had friends tell me their Dr. yelled at them for even considering it & then writes a precriptions for a medicine call (speed) that speeds ur metabolism to help you lose weight that has a long list of side effects. Go figure. People need to wake up and DRINK! the coffee. This country wants to keep you POOR, SICK & DUMB.
God Bless


N Watkins

I’ve been on the rx that people say is speed. It worked great the first time, but once hypothyroidism made the scene it did not. It has been my experience that GP ‘s are reluctant to help with medical weight loss in general. They sure like to dish up the shame and blame though.



The nice thing about the HCG diet is that it doesn’t matter if you have hypothyroidism. So forget those scary diet drugs, you don’t need them.


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